Your First Music Video Production – Working With Your Director

Your music video production will be led by a director. He/she is the one whose job it is to have the final vision of your video. Since you already put your trust in him work with him/her to bring that vision to reality. Don’t flirt around with the extras or even worse make out/have sex when you are supposed to be shooting; it may look cool in movies but you will probably not like the results if you do this on your set.

Give him/her your best. After all it is your career that is at stake!

Don’t forget: A lot of things will be paid for by the hour so the more time you waste…

Enough said.

There is another very sensitive area which very often brings problems on set. The artist/band often feels that since it is their video they should have a go at directing. The director, quite rightfully, is often uncomfortable with this, to say the least.

Partly for the same reason your roadie shouldn’t have a go at your solo during the climax of the show just because he feels like it, even if he is a very skilled guitar player. Imagine how you would feel if you had four different people pulling your arms in different directions when you doing 100km/hour. This may be quite an exaggeration but, the point is, you will probably lose control of the situation, with disastrous effects.

The solution? First of all, if you want to co-direct make sure it is agreed before the shoot. It is also best for only one member of the band to take on this role. Music video produciton is a serious venture. It also expensive so, once again, it might just be best to trust the profesional. Otherwise…

Except if you have an absolutely brilliant, divinely inspired idea during the shoot, it is best to keep it to yourself.

Rule of thumb: Never give instructions directly to the crew, always talk to the director, he/she is the professional, and it is his /her job. Funny enough, more experienced crew members may actually ignore you. You may end up feeling bad and having to shoot the video by yourself!

John Paul Essiam

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